We’re really keen to increase the visibility of the LGBTQ+ STEM community, so we regularly have people hosting the account, telling us about themselves, and their experiences of being LGBTQ+ in STEM…or sometimes just about working in STEM, or about being LGBTQ+…we’re pretty open. If you’re an active ally, we’d love to hear from you too. If you’re interested in hosting the account, or you’d like to find out more, please get in touch

Some of our amazing past guests…

Craig Poku

Craig is a postdoctoral scientist based at the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science, where he’s researching fog and aerosols. He also posts amazing photos of his baking! Want to find out more? Get in touch here: @C_Poku93

Oz Ismail

Oz hosted @theSTEMvillage back in September, right after finishing his PhD. He’s the co-founder of @MinoritySTEM and a co-host of @whynotadoc. If you want to find out more, you can contact him through Twitter: @Ozy_Ismail

Sarah Cosgriff

Sarah is an amazing science communicator with a strong interest in improving gender balance. She is an active LGBTQ+ ally and an all round really lovely person! She’s also the co-founder of @BrumSciComm. If you want to get find out more about Sarah, you can contact her through Twitter: @Sarah_Cosgriff

Ben Britton

Ben is based at Imperial College where he leads a group researching materials used for oil, gas, and nuclear energy. He’s a champion for equality and diversity in all aspects across STEM. If you want to get in touch with Ben, you can find him here: @BMatB

Alfredo Carpineti

Alfredo is a founder of Pride in STEM, which promotes visibility of LGBTQ+ people in STEM. He’s also the founder of The Astroholic, and a writer at I Fucking Love Science. If you want to catch you with Alfredo, you can find him here: @DrCarpineti

Carla Suciu

Carla is a Genetics graduate and is a science communicator at the amazing Glasgow Science Centre. She’s also part of the Glasgow chapter of ScienceGrrl, which celebrates and supports women in science. If you want to find out more about what Carla is doing or chat to her, you can find her here: @carladoesscicomm

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