LGBTQ+ people working and researching in STEM fields are underrepresented, and can go unseen in the workplace. This lack of visibility prevents the growth of a strong LGBTQ+ STEM community. The STEM Village is that community in Scotland.

Launched on Twitter in 2019, the project has grown quickly and caught the attention of the community and universities across Scotland.

About the STEM Village elders

Matthew Sinton (he/him/his) is the founder of The STEM Village. A Ph.D student in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease at the University of Edinburgh, husband, and proud dog dad.

Sammie Le Sommer is a research fellow at Aberdeen University, looking at the link between leukemia and diabetes. An avid gamer and rock music ultra-fan

Brynley Pearlstone is a triple threat: doctor of astrophysics, podcaster and village elder. He helped the LIGO team discover gravitational waves, and now hosts SciCurious podcast.

Get involved – it takes a village!