Registration is open!

Happy new year Villagers, Matthew here! Today is a big day for us here at The STEM Village. We’ve been teasing you with small details, but we’re finally ready to announce that, today, we’re opening registration for The STEM Village Symposium 2020! This will be held at The Bayes Centre, University of Edinburgh, on Friday 5th June.

The aim of the symposium is to bring together LGBTQ+ members of the STEM community, in a safe space, where they can showcase their work, network, and develop new collaborations. We’ve also written a blog about our motivation for establishing The STEM Village over at The Physiological Society website (they’re one of our lovely sponsors for the event!).

We’re not quite ready to announce a detailed schedule yet, but here’s a teaser: we’ll be kicking the day off with a keynote lecture from Professor Aidan Robson, a particle physicist at the University of Glasgow, who leads the CLIC Detector & Physics collaboration at CERN. Following that will be plenty of talks from early career researchers, with topics spanning all STEM disciplines. We’ll also be having a panel discussion and poster session in the afternoon. If that wasn’t enough, to round the event off, we’re inviting you all to a Science Ceilidh, which will be a fantastic chance to let your hair down, kick back, and have some fun.

As Bryn mentioned in his previous post, we’ve managed to secure some additional funding to help people with travel expenses. If you’d like to apply for travel funding, you can indicate this during registration. Also, we’re aware that some people may have childcare or caring commitments and may need to leave early. If that’s the case, please let us know and, if you’re selected for a talk, we’ll try to schedule you for the morning.

With that, I just want to say how very excited we are to host you all in June. If you have any questions, whatever they are, just drop us a line at or a DM on Twitter @thestemvillage. Hope you all have a fantastic first full week of 2020!

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